Friday, January 2, 2009

Ring it In...

An image of the original 'Talk-O' intercom/doorbell on Richard Neutra's '61 Ohara House in SilverLake seems fitting as it is the image that, for better or worse, rings in a new year, and welcomes in the beginning of BikeHaus. The promise of witnessing the great works of the Modern Masters is what drew me to Los Angeles over two years ago, though had it not been for the ever-escalating gas prices of 2008 and the new found need for cheap transportation, I may never have gotten involved with cylcing and found others who shared my desire to scrounge the city for its hillside gems. A ride geared towards the Textile Block Homes of Frank Lloyd Wright in May '08 set the idea in motion, only to be followed up by a second FLW tour and then probably one of the most grueling uphill rides which covered some of best hillside homes tucked away up in the ridges of the Hollywood Hills. The rides were rough, but the architecture truly astounding,and in a city whose greatest spaces and structures require a winding and seemingly endless path to get to, I think thats fitting.

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